ANAS Body Mist is enriched with the power of Quartz Crystal and Volcanic Water to give a natural boost to your mood. Spray the Mist on your body and your hair and feel yourself immediately refreshed and happier.

Positive Vibes Booster


Crystal Soap

A soft and deeply hydrating soap with a subtle smell. The soap is not only in the form of a diamond, the core of our soap contains a real piece of Quartz Crystal. Its volcanic sand rubs and relaxes the skin and the Brazilian Babassu, the mango and the shea butter make the soap moisturizing, without being greasy.


Give your skin a little extra love with ANAS Body Milk, a creamy, high-end body milk. The lotion is easily absorbed by your skin and has a wonderful fresh smell. The natural formula improves the structure of your skin, making it immediately smoother. Rich in vitamins A, E and D.

Love Yourself


The Quartz Crystal or Rock Crystal is known as the "Master Healer." This special gemstone makes you beautiful from the outside and ensures the balance of your interior. The Quartz Crystal is considered as the most powerful energy amplifier in the world: the precious stone stimulates and detoxifies our immune system and restores the balance between Body, Mind and Soul.

Quartz Crystal

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We bring the Science of Crystals into your daily routine

World’s 1st patended Crystal-infused skincare

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Designed to equally nurture your Body, Mind and Soul

ANAS Body Mist


ANAS Crystal Soap

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ANAS Hand Cream

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Mother Nature’s purest elixir

Volcanic Water provide a boost of minerals and ions that hydrate, restore and regenerate your skin

Stories are a communal currency of humanity


Our Amazing Crystal News: we hebben de Red Dot Design Award gewonnen voor onze verpakking!

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World’s 1st patended Crystal-infused skincare
Behind ANAS there is Anas

ANAS Crystal Care is my dream that came true. After working for several years in Finance, I realized I was not living my fullest potential. I felt there was another calling for me in this life. So, I asked God, The Universe, whatever you like to call it, to send me a sign. And It did. During a hike in Uruguay in 2012 I met Andrea, a local businesswoman who produced natural cosmetics. She invited me into her home, right after I entered, a haze of wonderful fragrances gave me a euphoric sensation. That night I couldn’t sleep, my brain was producing 1000’s ideas. That clear sign I brought back with me to Amsterdam. It took me 7 years to make that dream come true.

Soul purpose
My parents gave me the name Anas for a reason. It means a person who brings joy and peace of mind, while he takes away your fears and worries. Living up to my name is my soul purpose. I will do this by developing products that enhance your wellbeing, based on the science of Crystals and with respect for Mother Nature.

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