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ANAS Body Mist

ANAS Body Mist (ml:100) For all skin types This positive vibe booster is the perfect start for your day or your evening. Refresh your aura or someone else's with ANAS Body Mist. You will immediately feel refreshed and happier using the unique formula that stimulates the release of endorphins in the body. A helping hand for your mood! ANAS Body Mist possess a luxury perfume, light and pleasant. Without alcohol, it moisture your skin thanks to the adding of the Thermo-volcanic Water. 
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ANAS Shower Gel

 15.00 25.00
For all skin types Take care of your body and your mind with our hydrating and refreshing shower gel. Our unique formula uses a Thermo-Volcanic Water which restores the Ph balance of your skin and clean without removing the natural oils. The adding of a Quartz Crystal Piece makes your shower an energetic ritual every day.
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ANAS Crystal Soap

For all skin types ANAS Crystal Soap is soft and deeply hydrating with a subtil perfume. It’s not only in a crystal shape, its heart contains a real Quartz Crystal piece. This Crystal helps to maintain your energy in balance and recharge it at every use. The rich oils and butters cleanse and restore the natural balance of your skin.
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ANAS Body Milk

 20.00 35.00
For all skin types Give to your skin some extra love with ANAS Body Milk, a creamy high-end milk. Its unique formula contains a Quartz Crystal which harmonizes the electric charge of your body each time you use it. It will calm and balance your body and your mind. The lotion, easily absorbed by the skin, possesses a wonderful perfume. Natural and rich, it enhances your skin’s structure, making it immediately smoother.  
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ANAS Hand Cream

ANAS Hand Cream (ml:100)   For all skin types Your hands are permanently in contact with the world. After an appropriate cleaning, they deserve special care. This protective and nourishing Hand Cream makes your skin softer and silky. Quickly absorbed, it possesses a beautiful woody and spicy smell wonderfully fresh.
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ANAS Foam Wash

ANAS Foam Wash (ml:200) For all skin types Give in to the energizing and foaming sensation of this shower foam. The foam cleanses and protects your skin with ingredients such as olive oil and volcanic water. ANAS Cleansing Foam is a mild soap without SLES and moisturizes almost like a cream thanks to the combination of natural and active ingredients. Balance your body and mind with every shower.
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ANAS Body Scrub

For all skin types Discover a really unique way to scrub: not with artificial agents but with pure Crystal Powder. This body scrub, with a luxuriously rich natural oils formula, contains the Quartz Crystal in the form of powder and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.  
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