All of us are inseparable pieces of the earth. Our very survival depends on our planet’s wellbeing. That’s why ANAS Skincare only uses Crystal Quartz from sustainable mines and ingredients that are ethically sourced. We believe that all cosmetics companies have a responsibility to take care of nature. That’s why we give 7% of our profit back to nature through our own foundation, the ANAS Movement.

The foundation is interconnected to ANAS Crystalcare. The foundation’s object is to improve the well-being of our planet. The objective stems from the direct impact of developing cosmetic and health care products and the industry’s impact as a whole on the environment. The socially responsible for-profit business is committed to using 7% of its profits to be donated to the foundation, which will be used towards funding initiatives and partnerships that aim to protect the environment. The foundation will also focus on receiving donor contribution and grants in order to further execute the goals and agendas of strengthening initiatives. The concept is based upon the notion of how the cosmetic and skincare industry can promote sustainability and the restoration of nature. The foundation commits to developing strategic partnerships with fellow organizations that target the objectives.The foundation attempts to achieve its objects, inter alia, by recycling plastic, repairing nature in Madagascar and supporting the sustainable production of palm oil.

Discover our famous partners :

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World Wide Fund for Nature

For a living planet

Present and active in more than 100 countries, WWF aim to conserving our biodiversity and ensuring our naturals ressources durability. It leads several mains activities such as scientifics studies and diagnostics, a watch about the good application of the regulation, the sensitization of the populations and the restoration damaged naturals spaces


Plastic for Change

Changing Lives Through Recycling

Already follow by many famous partners Plastic for Change offer a solution by making a market where the plastic waste is optimised for reducing poverty. So they create recycling infrastructures in undevelopped region to develop them and create jobs. With $0.60 (= €0,50) you remove 1kg of plastics from oceans and the money goes directly to the collectors.

RSPO_Logo (1)

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Transform the markets by making sustainable palm oil the norm

19% of the world’s palm oil is certified by the RSPO label so far. RSPO represent all of the palm oil supply chain in order to to minimize the negative impact of palm oil cultivation. This oil is the most used today and make disasters in the world : wide deforestation destructing protected biodiversity, violations of workers’ rights and conditions and more. The label assure you the oil is certificate of the foundation criteria

The initial scope of these partnerships will assist the foundation with strengthening its ability to fund and assist other existing efforts. Ultimately, the foundation will have the capacity to develop its own initiatives in order to fully execute its desired outcomes of targeting its specific objects.

Stay tuned on this page to learn more about our non-profit partners that work tirelessly to conserve flora and fauna and on how to donate directly to our foundation.

The Earth humbly thanks you for your love and support.



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